- some things i've done -

video magic: the philips cd-i
this half-hour documentary is the product of several weeks' script-writing, recording and editing. i used every tool i had to get it made.
there may be more episodes in the video magic series in future; it depends when i can find the time to write them.

various writing projects
in 2013 i wrote a 100,000 word novel called "kassel gardens". it's about the fundamental unimportance of the shift key.
i have a good few similar projects knocking about; the long-term intention is to publish them all. watch this space.

audio loops
if you are either of the webgoing public who have yet to disable the flash plugin, you can set it loose on these SWFs with looping music.
i keep them here for my own use but there's no reason to keep them hidden away.

some other thing
i've been working on a secret project since 2015. it's not yet important what it is. i'll release it when it's ready.

the seagull 'bird' logo is a registered trade mark.