- hello, i'm seagull -

my real name is stan g. lee; the moniker comes from my initials, SGL.
i was born in bucks in 1991.

i've been working on art projects for as long as i have had an internet connection; most are dreadful.
this web presence aims to better publicise the works i have not yet grown sick of.

i can use Flash, Photoshop and Premiere, alongside their open-source counterparts, to great effect; i am also well-versed in scripting and automation (chiefly PowerShell). since this paragraph already reads like a CV, i'll state as well that my tea-brewing skills are passable and i can use Microsoft Office without breaking out in hives.

i am currently, surprisingly enough, working for a software company. what i do and where i do it are not important.

curious readers ought to know that i am neither the mastermind of marvel comics, nor deceased; you will be delighted, however, to hear that you are the first person to ever have made such a connection.

those with the patience of saints are welcome to contact me if there remain any lingering questions.
follow me, perhaps even; i promise i won't sully the experience by posting.

the seagull 'bird' logo is a registered trade mark.