- some things i've done -

youtube channel
i own a youtube channel on which i broadcast lots of silly material. while the absurdist sense of humour is definitely not to everyone's tastes, one of my videos currently has over 100,000 views, which i feel provides adequate defence when i'm asked to provide it.
it's here you'll see me demonstrating my knowledge of flash, photoshop, vegas and audacity.

in 2013 i wrote a 100,000 word novel called "kassel gardens". i'm currently editing it; no copies besides the vanity ones i've had produced exist yet.
the intention is to get it published some day.

audio loops
my website has a subdomain, the cage, wherein you may browse my large library of audio loops. they're a specific distraction for a specific desire; the hooks from well-produced songs looped to play endlessly through adobe flash, intended for background listening while you do more important things.

various other projects?
i have a nasty habit of establishing a presence on the internet, producing a few minor works and then vanishing without a trace.
if you would like more information on something you've found that i'm not admitting ownership of here, feel free to get in touch.
i'm well aware "seagull" is not a unique name on the internet, but who knows - you might have managed to pin me down.

the seagull 'bird' logo is a registered trade mark.