- get in touch -

feel free to contact me if:
- you've seen something i've made and are curious as to how i've made it
- you are interested in collaborating on a project
- you suspect you know me from somewhere else
- you think i have infringed upon your copyright
- you want to talk proper, big-boy-pants business

please do not contact me if:
- you work in sales, marketing, recruitment, or anything related to these fields
- you plan on attaching anything with your email
- you want tech support or are enquiring about professional work i've done for an employer, current or otherwise
- you want me to do something for you for free
- you want a website designed

frequently-asked questions:
- yes the logo really is trade marked
- don't touch the stuff
- i'm not the overwatch player
- it says "seagull"

email "seagull" @ this site's domain name.
twttr: @seagull