- hello, i'm seagull -

my real name is stan g. lee; the moniker comes from my initials, SGL.
i was born in halton in 1991 and i've been making weird things ever since.

you're reading this site to learn more about me. i like to call myself an 'artist' because i like to express myself. the media changes - please feel free to peruse the 'projects' page to see the various methods i've used. the list grows regularly. i've dealt with the adobe creative suite as well as sony vegas, google sketchup and audacity, to name a few programs; i'm also highly literate in scripting (bash, batch, powershell) although i fall short at being able to code.
working on new things keeps me anchored, so expect new projects to appear regularly.

i am currently working as a product manager for a UK-based software company. in laymen's terms, i negotiate in low-level terms with developers regarding what software can and cannot be produced from customer product requests.

please feel free to contact me if you're eager to talk (unless you're a recruiter).

the seagull 'bird' logo is a registered trade mark.